Room for Rent

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Date: Sunday, September 30
Time: 2:30 PM
Venue: Centre Theatre

  • Director: Matthew Atkinson
  • Producer: Matthew Atkinson
  • Distributor: El Duo Motion Pictures, Farpoint Films, Musterios Entertainment
  • Actors: Brett Gelman, Mark Little, Mark McKinney

In senior year, Mitch Baldwin won the lottery. Three years later, he was flat broke and a laughing stock. He's been holed-up in his family home ever since. With his father retiring, talk of downsizing pushes Mitch to suggest renting a room to a mysterious stranger named Carl. When Carl upsets Mitch's routine way of life, a battle of wits turns into all-out war involving deception, humiliation, spying, and revenge. The question is, how far are these guys prepared to go? The answer: too far.




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